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property acquisition for private Clients

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Colombo Hirst are an award-winning, independent consultancy who search for and acquire residential property for our clients in London.


We have built a reputation on our integrity, meticulous analysis, and honest guidance. We are your competitive advantage.

South Kensington London Mews

what we do

Unlike estate agents who act for sellers and landlords, as buying agents we only represent buyers and tenants. We search for property, give advice and manage the negotiation process through to a successful purchase or rental.


Buying a property is a significant financial, emotional and lifestyle investment. We provide our clients with expert insight, careful guidance and experienced negotiation to source and secure their ideal property on the best possible terms.


We are impartial, independent and discreet, dedicated to delivering success for each client whilst protecting their interests and adding significant value.


We start by understanding you and your unique needs. As your trusted advisor we tailor our approach to individual circumstances setting realistic expectations based on budget and market conditions.


how we work

Our method is comprehensive and precise with an unwavering focus to even the smallest details.


We make sure that we are aware of what is on the open market at all times but these days the best-in-class properties and the ones that our clients tend to want to buy rarely get as far as reaching the open market.


When embarking on a client's property search, we explore lots of different avenues. We speak to all the agents directly, many of which these days don't work for the big corporate agencies anymore, having branched out and now operate typically as individual brokers.


buying from outside the uk


investing in the london property market




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