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how we work

Our method is comprehensive and precise with an unwavering focus to even the smallest details.


We make sure that we are aware of what is on the open market at all times but these days the best-in-class properties and the ones that our clients tend to want to buy rarely get as far as reaching the open market.


When embarking on a client's property search, we explore lots of different avenues. We speak to all the agents directly, many of which these days don't work for the big corporate agencies anymore, having branched out and now operate typically as individual brokers.

We explore the archives to see if any unsold properties might be suitable and we investigate the rental market for potential opportunities to buy. We speak directly to individuals and contacts we have made over the last 20+ years. These could be developers, ex-colleagues, old clients, or even close friends to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

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We will assemble a team of the most appropriate professionals - solicitors, mortgage brokers, tax advisers, surveyors, architects, and a range of other individually selected specialists. We will introduce you to and coordinate everyone involved and ensure that you are very well looked whilst providing a single point of contact throughout the complex process.


Due diligence is an important aspect of what we do. Through advice and evidence-based analysis, we ensure our clients have peace of mind when it comes to their purchase.


We are expert negotiators and have a reputation for representing high-calibre clients. Through detailed knowledge of the market, we can offer sound and sensible advice, making you the preferred purchaser.

How We Work
Buying From Outside The UK

buying from outside the uk

If you’re not based in the UK, finding the right property can be hard.

We’ll make it easier by introducing you to professionals in tax, banking, the law, property or project management, and helping you navigate your way around language barriers.


investing in the london property market

Residential property is an asset class in its own right which has performed well over many market cycles.

We can help you find properties to provide income generation, capital appreciation or wealth preservation.

Investing in the London Property Market


We put just the same care into finding brilliant homes to rent as into homes to buy because finding and securing a rental property can still be a time-consuming and complex process.

We’ll get you the best price and negotiate the fairest terms in the lease.


our fees

Our fee is made up of two parts.


We require a retainer of £3,000 plus VAT

when you appoint us. 


At that point we’ll agree the rest of the fee, which you only pay when you exchange on your purchase.

Our Fees
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