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what Clients say

"As a CEO of a service business in London, I have a number of high net worth clients, who I refer to Colombo Hirst, and they all say one thing, whether they know London or are buying from overseas, that no matter what the detail or the complexity of the brief, they all had an enjoyable experience.


My personal experience is simple; they are independent and involved, they only take on a handful of clients at any one time to guarantee that there are no conflicts of interest between those they represent. Their industry knowledge and contacts mean my clients are often the very first through the door when the property is launched and they often can access properties that are not available on the open market.


Many of the most sought-after homes in central London are not available on the open market and it is difficult, if not impossible, for individuals to view without the help of a buying agent. I refer them to my clients because they have relationships with reputable estate agents, property developers and private individuals, which mean they are made aware of properties that no one else can access. They work with my clients to construct compelling offers that give them the advantage in a competitive market.


They go beyond the brief, and often I get feedback from my clients who they have helped,  that even after the sale is complete they still continue to help, sourcing removal firms, architects, interior designers, and builders. In a few instances they have also assisted my clients in choosing schools or acquiring staff. 


I know that when I’m ready to buy my next property, I will ask Lucie and Delphine to help me, because they don’t just find a property, they find a home."

- Mr L

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